Somalia: Bosaso set to become Minneapolis’s Sister City

Published: October 8, 2014
Bosaso is the major commercial town of Puntland
Bosaso is the major commercial town of Puntland

Minneapolis City council members are expected to vote to develop relations with Bosaso city, a town in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland, as part of Sister cities International programme.

Somali community leaders in Minneapolis have been pushing for the sister city idea and ever since have received a massive support from the entire community.

Bosaso, a relative peaceful city is situated in northeastern Somalia. The town is the main port аnd largest city оf the semi-autonomous region оf Puntland.  It has been a residence for many who have run away from much-troubled southern regions of Somalia.

“I think it will galvanize the Somali community in the United States as a whole,” Abdi Warsame, a Somali-American Minneapolis council member, was quoted in the Star tribune.

The relationship between the people of Bosaso and Minneapolis has been growing in recent years. Over the past decades, many Americans of Somali decent have made their home in Minneapolis.

If the proposal is approved, the two cities are expected to cooperate on ways of promoting trade and cultural exchanges.

The sister city program which was formed by former U.S president Dwight D. Eisenhower, is a non-profit citizen diplomacy network that creates and strengthens partnerships between communities in the United States and those in other countries, particularly through the establishment of “sister cities”.

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