SOMALIA: Mogadishu Airport Attack Foiled By AMISOM [Press Release]

Published: September 9, 2010

For immediate release.
Al Shabab today launched a suicide attack on Mogadishu International Airport, but were foiled by AMISOM troops manning the main entrance.
At around 2.15pm local time, two vehicles and around 5 insurgents attempted to breach the airport defences.
The first vehicle exploded at the airport entrance, around 500 metres from the airport terminal. Sadly, two AMISOM sentries were killed in the explosion and a further three wounded.
The second vehicle, following immediately behind the first, was halted and did not explode.
Two suicide bombers, dressed in TFG combat uniforms, ran from the vehicles firing small arms. Both managed to run at speed through the gates, under fire from AMISOM soldiers.
Both were brought to a halt within 200 metres of the terminal building where they exploded their IED vests. It is understood that at least one civilian, an employee of the local airline African Express, was killed in the incident.
The full extent of injured and killed is not yet clear.
The airport defences held tight and the attack was quickly condemned as a failure on the part of the extremists by the Force Commander, General Nathan Mugisha.
The airport was quickly locked down and cleared so that a full investigation can begin.
The attack comes on the eve of Eid. The airport is a high profile target and an attack on the airport had been anticipated. TFG Minister of Information had only yesterday warned of such an Al Shabab spectacular as Ramadan draws to a close.
AMISOM Force Spokesman, Major Barige Ba-Hoku, said:
“The Airport is a very high profile target and we always expect an attempt of sabotage here. This attack was in vain and will not deter us from our mission.
“AMISOM is here to protect the Transitional Federal institutions and to protect the Somali people. We will continue to do this.”

Barigye Ba-Hoku
AMISOM Force Spokesman

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