Somalia: New Mogadishu Mayor Promises to focus on Improving Security

Published: March 5, 2014

Somalia: New Mogadishu Mayor Promises to focus on Improving SecurityNew Mogadishu mayor and Governor of Banadir region has pledged to improve the security of the Capital, after Islamist militant group increased attacks.

Last week, Somali President Hassan Sheikh appointed the former military court Chief Hassan Mungab and took over the oath of office from the ex-mayor on Tuesday.

Mr Mungab urged local residents to take full responsibility and work closely with his administration on ensuring the security and stability of the capital.

’’al-Shabab has been troubling the stability, we will not tolerate on that. I fully promise that my administration will much more focus on improving the security sector,’’ he noted in the handover ceremony.

Al-Shabab has increased the attacks in the capital since the Somali government had announced on-going plans to attack the territories still under the control of the group.

Last month, they attacked the Presidential Palace compound and headquarters of national intelligence agency killing at least 25 people jointly, including senior government officials.

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