Somalia: NRC hands over newly Constructed shelters for IDPs to Beneficiaries in Galkayo

Published: April 14, 2014

NRC hands over newly Constructed shelters for Beneficiaries to Puntland

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has handed over more than 200 permanent shelters for the Internal displaced persons to Beneficiaries in Galkayo town, capital of Mudug region.

The ceremony was done for the handover of 283 permanent shelters and 20 street-solar lights implemented by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) in 2013.

The Head of Office Dawud Abdirahman, Speaking on behalf of NRC at the Ceremony briefly described the projects being handed over. This included; 283 permanent shelters and 20 street solar lights that will benefit over 1000 persons. These projects are in line with NRC’s overall goal of delivering durable solutions for displaced persons and vulnerable host communities in Galkayo.

Overall, NRC has implemented 533 permanent shelters, 50 street solar lights, School Construction, Rehabilitation of Water systems, Teacher and CEC Training, ABE learners’ programme and among other activities as part of durable solutions for over 1200 HHs including IDPs (80%) and vulnerable host community (20%).

Speaking at the ceremony, the Mayor of Galkayo Ahmed Ali Salad welcomed all the participants and mentioned it was an honor to have H.E. the president of Puntland as Guest of Honor. The Mayor said “Today we are here to inaugurate yet another major milestone achieved by all of us. The completed 283 permanent shelters and 20 street-solar lights, as expected from NRC, have been of desired quality and implemented as agreed upon with authorities and beneficiaries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the donors (Sida), and NRC the implementing agency and all other stakeholders who made sure we reach this goal”

The Mudug Regional Governor, Mohamed Yusuf Jama also thanked all parties that made this happen. The land donors, SIDA, NRC and all other stakeholders who played various roles in implementing this project successfully. The governor said “Mr. President, organizations like NRC who strive to deliver for vulnerable groups in an accountable and transparent manner whilst also delivering tangible durable solutions for IDPs and vulnerable host communities should be appreciated and rewarded. NRC is known for delivering this kind of projects to its beneficiaries here in Galkayo.”

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali thanked the donors, implementing agency and various stakeholders for achieving this landmark. He said; “It is a responsibility we have taken as Puntlanders to host our brothers who have been displaced and advocate for their wellbeing. You should all take this opportunity and continue improving your lives in your new homes. This can be a new beginning”.

The Official handover ceremony then commenced with president unveiling the project billboard jointly with other guests and NRC officials. The president then went on a guided tour of Halabokhad where he met some of the project beneficiaries.

Since the start of NRC operations in Galkayo (and Mudug region); More than 3,631 transitional shelter, over 700 latrines, construction of 8 schools, teachers training and provision of scholastic materials to learners have been some of the main achievements made by the NRC.

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