Somalia: Over 2500 Somali returnees arrive in Puntland from Yemen

Published: June 13, 2015

The ship docked in the Northern Port town of Bossaso/ Horseed Media
The ship docked in the Northern Port town of Bossaso/ Horseed Media

Some 2,500 Somali returnees fleeing the violence in Yemen arrived on Saturday morning in Somalia’s autonomous state of Puntland, making the highest number of returnees to arrive in a single day in the region, Horseed Media reports.
A ship and two commercial-type boats departed from the Yemeni port town of Mukalla on late Thursday and arrived in the port town of Bossaso in the early morning hours of Saturday.
Puntland local authorities received the returnees, which mostly were Women, Children and elderly people. At the port, the returnees were given cold drinks and food by local residents who were present there to warmly receive them.

Since April, more than 10,000 Somali refugees have managed to flee from the conflict in Yemen and arrived in the port towns of Bossaso and Berbera.
Puntland has been widely praised the generosity it has shown towards the returnees and other refugees who have escaped to its region.
Last week, the state started to relocate hundreds of Yemeni refugees in the first major resettlement program, with about 200 refugees transferred from an overcrowded makeshift settlement to apartments.
Horseed Media

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