Somalia Parliament angrily reacts back to UN Envoy allegations

Published: November 4, 2014

Somalia parliamentA member of the Somalia Federal parliament has fired back at claims that legislators are playing a role in the current political tensions, after the UN envoy allegedly accused the MPs for ‘’exchange their votes for cash’’ in a No-confidence motion.

The Parliament held a session in Mogadishu on Monday and angrily reacted back to the allegations from the UN envoy Nicholas Kay, who also said that the current tensions might be an impact on the country’s moving on-wards.

‘’ It is very unfortunate that such accusations are released from an office of such degree…. Our country’s sovereignty should be not interfered’’ said MP Ali Nur Boodaye.

He added that it’s the role for the members of Parliament to prepare motions which are necessary, but he declined to confirm whether there is a preliminary motion to oust Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh.

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud also called for the International community to respect the country’s sovereignty in a statement he responded to the International community’s concerns on the political infighting.

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