Somalia: Puntland Forces Arrest 9 Pirates

Published: November 27, 2011

Security forces in Puntland State of Somalia have arrested nine (9) pirates in the northern outskirts of Eyl District in Puntland’s Nugal Region. 

The two-day police operation concluded on 26 November 2011 after Puntland security forces arrested the 9 pirates, as well as weapons and speedboats: six (6) rifles; one compass; one satellite phone; two ladders; two speedboats; and fuel barrels.

Puntland security officials confirmed that this group of pirates was originally based in Hobyo District, of southern Mudug Region which falls outside of Puntland State jurisdiction. This group of pirates escaped Hobyo coast fearing NATO air patrols and fled northward to Eyl District, where Puntland security forces arrested them.

Ahmed Omar Hersi, Puntland Government spokesman, told reporters at the Police Headquarters compound in the capital Garowe: “The Puntland Government is committed to arrest anyone involved in piracy, regardless of who they are, and to bring piracy suspects to justice.”

The Government commended the role of the local community to fight against the piracy menace in Puntland, in terms of providing information and other support.

Puntland Government enacted the Anti-Piracy Law in 2010 and has consistently fought against pirates, with over 200 pirates currently jailed in Puntland State.

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