Somalia: Puntland MPs file in motion against Cabinet

Published: May 12, 2015

Somalia: Puntland MPs file in motion against CabinetMembers of Puntland Parliament have filed in a motion against the current cabinet led by President Abdiweli Mohammed Ali, Horseed Media reports.
21 lawmakers of the 66 Parliament members wrote a letter to the Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday, calling for an extraordinary session on government’s failure to handle security situation in the region and the emerge of economic crisis.
In the letter, the members of the Parliament said that the citizens have lost faith in the government’s failure to handle the deteriorating security. In past few months, Puntland has encountered terror attack launched by al-Shabaab militants.
Last month, a suicide-bomber attacked a UNICEF van killing at least 7 staff members including four foreign nationals. Last week, a member of the Parliament was gunned down in Galkayo.
Under the Puntland autonomy state constitution, the Parliament can only hold two sessions in a year, but the constitution itself allows an extraordinary session subjected to a reasonable circumstances.
The move by the lawmakers came on the same day an anti-al Shabaab Conference opened in Garowe, where high ranking officials from the administration, Muslim clerics, Intellectuals, Security officers, local elders and representatives from the civil society groups are meeting to form a strategy that will enable the eradication of the militant from the region.
According to analysts, President Gaas’s cabinet which has been in office for 16 months has failed to meet the many expectations highly-anticipated after taking the oath of office.
Horseed Media

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