Somalia: Puntland planning to reduce reliance on ‘Foreign workers’

Published: May 2, 2014
Somalia: Puntland planning to reduce reliance on ‘Foreign’ workers
Puntland Vice President

Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland government is planning to reduce its reliance on foreign workers in an effort to encourage local workforce, said Vice President.

Speaking during the World labour day ceremony, Mr Abdihakim Amay said that there are many jobs that foreigners are doing, which could be done by the ‘’locals’’.

‘’ We want to encourage our own citizens; we can’t rely on foreign labour. There are many (locals) who can do jobs that are foreign workers are employed for,’’ he said.

Puntland Vice President added that the administration will also improve the conditions and rights of the labourers.

Currently, many companies, Education institutions and International & local organizations in the region rely on foreign workers to meet their manpower needs.

Somalia is considered as one of the countries where poor working conditions and labour right abuses occur normally.

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