Somalia: Reuters in media war against the Somali prime minister

Published: September 17, 2010

Reuters Thompsons, the British news agency, joined the media war against the Somali prime minister by publishing story entitled Somali PM to face confidence vote in parliament. Prime minister Omar Sharmarke is in power struggle with the TFG president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. “Somalia’s parliament has already voted once to oust Sharmarke and his Western-backed government. But the prime minister rejected the previous vote in May as unconstitutional and refused to resign,”  REUTERS reports. The Somalia’s transitional parliament did not voted in May; the former parliamentary speaker, Shekh Adma Madobe, who was booed at my law makers, and told president Sharif that the government lost vote of confidence and asked for the president to accept his resignation as a speaker.
President Shariif accepted the speaker resignation and dissolved the government. Prime minster Sharmarke described president Sharif’s decision a violation of the transitional charted. President Sharif reinstated prime minister Sharmarke under the pretext that the former speaker of the parliament ha lied to the president about the outcome of a parliamentary meeting.
The Reuters reporter, Abdi Sheikh quoted Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail, one of president Sharif’s supporters, who said: “The prime minister has no chance of maintaining his seat. The majority of the legislators will surely vote against him.The other option is that he may resign.”
Prime minister Sharmarke told VOA Somali Service that the government has already won a vote of confidence and that there was no need for a new vote of confidence from “anti-law and order people”. “The former parliamentary speaker who lied to the president in May about a parliamentary speaker about the outcome of MPs’ meeting is now a cabinet member and deputy prime minister.
Reuters’s fact-checking procedures were not applied while the story was being edited. Reuters has unwittingly joined a media war against Somalia TFG prime minister.
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