Russia appoints New Ambassador to Somalia

Published: March 3, 2014

Somalia: Russia Appoints New Ambassador to SomaliaRussia has appointed a new ambassador to Somalia for the first time in more than 21 years, a move to restore the bilateral relations of both countries.

The New Russian Ambassador, Valery Orlov, presented his credentials to the Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace.

Ambassador Orlov told Journalists after presenting his credentials that Russia is committed to support the Somali government on rebuilding the nation.

‘’ The Government of Russia is very delighted with the re-establishment of the Historical relations between Somalia and Russia. We will assist the Somali government on the development and rebuilding of the country,’’ he noted.

Somalia: Russia Appoints New Ambassador to Somalia
New Russian Ambassador met Somali President in his Office

Somali leader Hassan Sheikh thanked the Russian government for the appointment of the ambassador and resuming the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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