SOMALIA: Somaliland election could not be held at the scheduled date, says Electoral Commission

Published: September 24, 2022
Guddiga Doorashooyinka Somaliland oo sheegay in aan la qaban karin Doorashada xilligii loogu talo-galay

The Somaliland Electoral Commission announced today that it will not be able to hold the Somaliland Presidential Election on the scheduled date of November 13.

The Electoral Commission said that they need more than 9 months to prepare for the Presidential election.

The commission said that during the period of nine months, it will prepare all the technical and financial issues required for the registration of voters and the holding of the presidential election in Somaliland (north-west Somalia).

This means that the Somaliland Senate will extend the term for the president.

In recent months, there has been a dispute over the presidential election in Somaliland which has led to a political crisis between the Muse Bihi government and the opposition parties.

The opposition parties (Wadani & UCID) said they will not accept the postponement of the presidential election, accusing the ruling party (Kulmiye) of intentionally hindering the preparation of the presidential election.

Political analysts have warned that this political crisis will affect the stability of Somaliland.

The opposition parties that have been holding protests against the government for the past few months have said that they will not recognize the extension of office for President Muse Bihi.