Somalia: Tensions in Bosaso after the assassination of MP

Published: January 6, 2010

Two armed gunmen shot and killed Abdullahi Ali Osman, a Puntland MP,  on Tuesday evening.
The attackers were later apprehended by the police, after residents chased the two gunmen in to a house, before the police arrived on the site.
Abdullahi Ali Osman, was leaving the Mosque Salam near the Bosaso milk market, the gunmen opened fire as he was leaving the mosque, after evening prayers.
“….we are still investigating the motive behind the killing…” says the police commander in Bosaso.
The two suspects are held in a heavily guarded detention center near the Sea port, many of the victim’s relativies are demanding the two to be executed before the funeral of the MP.
Abdullahi Ali Osman is the second MP to be assassinated in Puntland in just months.
On 11th of November, Ibrahim Cilmi Warsame a well known Puntland MP, was assassinated as he sat, in a café in Garowe, the capital of Puntland State.
Ali Osman
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