Somalia’s Constitutional Crossroads: President Hassan Urges Unity Amid Regional Disagreements

Published: April 24, 2024

Mogadishu (Horseed Media) President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has issued a press release emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the Federal Government of Somalia and regional member states. His statement comes amidst rising tensions, with a scheduled meeting between the Federal Government and regional leaders in Mogadishu on Saturday being canceled for unknown reasons.

In the press release, President Mohamud highlighted the achievements of his two-year tenure, including making gains in the fight against terorists, lifting the arms embargo, and securing debt relief to facilitate international investment.

The President underscored his administration’s efforts to revise the country’s constitution through consultations with political stakeholders and public opinion. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to completing the constitutional process, with the goal of establishing a democratic system that serves the interests of Somali citizens.

While acknowledging progress in various areas, President Mohamud specifically mentioned the strained relationship with the semi-autonomous region of Puntland. He emphasized the Federal Government’s dedication to improving cooperation with Puntland, stating, “The Federal Government is still committed to continue every effort to improve the relationship between the Government of Puntland so that the Somali people can have a Somali government that can realize their goals.”

However, reports indicate that the authorities of Jubaland and South West states are dissatisfied with President Mohamud’s approach to finalizing the constitution. This growing discontent among regional leaders raises concerns about potential roadblocks in the constitutional process and the broader goal of strengthening Somalia’s federalism.

In his press release, the President urged regional governments not to politicize matters crucial to the country’s unity, security, independence, and the well-being of its citizens. He asserted that, according to the constitution, regional governments should refrain from actions that could jeopardize Somalia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political stability.

As tensions simmer between the Federal Government and regional states, President Mohamud’s call for unity and cooperation underscores the delicate balance required to navigate Somalia’s complex political landscape and achieve lasting progress in the nation’s reconstruction efforts.