UK Minister Pledges new aid Package to Somalia

Published: April 15, 2014
UK Minister Pledges new aid Package to Somalia
Mark Simmonds Minister for Africa

Britain has announced a new £60 million aid package to Somalia which will help the Federal government to boost security and Stability in the country. It was announced by the UK minister for Africa Mark Simmonds who paid an unannounced visit to the war-ravaged nation capital, Mogadishu on Tuesday.

Security of the capital was tight for the visit of the UK minister, who was escorted by a fleet of armoured African union troop’s vehicles to the Presidential Palace from the airport.

He met Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, cabinet ministers, security officials and members of the Parliament.

During the meeting, the President set out the priorities of his administration including improvement of security and stability, review on the constitution and implementation of Federalism which will enable free and fair elections in 2016, as stated in a Press statement from the President’s office.

He praised the British government for its efforts towards bringing back peace and stability to the country.

They also discussed on the on-going anti-al-Shabaab military operations, which saw Somali forces backed by the African union troops capturing strategic towns from the militant group in the Southern part.

President Mohamoud called for the UK to support the Offensive and vowed that his government will eliminate the al-Qaeda-linked group militants from the country.

UK minister stressed that his government is committed to work closely with the Somali government in order to reach its goals. He added that his government will support the country’s military forces and provide capacity building to the Police.

The new aid package will be mainly or mostly used to boost the Somali military forces and the Police.

Mr Simmonds said:

I am delighted to have visited Somalia at a crucial time for the Federal Government in their fight against Al Shabaab. The UK remains at the vanguard of international efforts to support the people of Somalia in their desire to build a stable, democratic and prosperous society. I reiterated UK support in my discussions with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and other ministers. I also encouraged the Federal Government to inject further momentum in its efforts towards a federal settlement and constitution ahead of elections in 2016.

In Mogadishu I saw first-hand some of the progress made since my last visit the challenges that conflict brings, in particular its impact on women and children. I was glad to visit a PSVI empowerment centre for victims of sexual violence. We will work with the UN and Somalia to ensure that security is provided to all communities in a way that upholds the highest human rights standards.

Britain has been playing an active International role to bring solution to Somalia’s insecurity and conflict which started when the Central government collapsed in 1991.

Last year, UK became the first European Union country to reopen its embassy in Mogadishu.

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