Al-Shabaab Threatens to Attack Turkish Aid Workers and Officials in Somalia

Published: February 25, 2014
al-Shabab threatens to attack Turkish Aid Workers in Somalia
al-Shabab Spokesman/ File Photo

Somali Militant group al-Shabab has threatened to attack Turkish aid workers and other officials currently operating in the country.

Spokesman of the group, Ali Dheere accused the Turks of working the Interests of what he called ‘’Biggest enemy” of the Muslim people, NATO.

‘’ NATO uses Turkey as hammer to crush the Muslim people, anywhere we see Turkish people we will attack them,’’ was quoted in an Interview with Aljazeera.

al-Shabab has been strongly opposing Turkey’s presence in Somalia, alleging it of ‘’attempting to suppress the establishment of Shariah law’’, which the group is fighting to impose in the country.

Last year, al-Shabab attacked the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu killing at least six people. But the Turkish Government said will continue it’s Humanitarian assistance to the nation.

Turkey has provided $400 million in aid to the country building hospitals, schools and other structures and educating students in Turkey with scholarships.

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