Anti-Charlie Hebdo protests rock Somalia

Published: January 20, 2015

Protests against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have been held across Somalia as thousands of people in almost all major cities chanted slogans against its printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
Protesters gathered in Banadir, Galgadud, Bay and Mudug regions and many other cities and burnt effigies of French president Francois Hollande and of cartoonists at the magazine along with French flags.
Somalis were protesting “insults to Islamic sanctity by the insolent Charlie Hebdo and the unwise actions of officials of that country in support of the offenders,” said one of the demonstrators in Central Somalia.
They vowed to defend Islam.

The protesters burnt effigies of French president and French flags.
The protesters burnt effigies of French president and French flags.

Twelve people died in the magazine attack on 7 January, which resulted in the deaths of the brothers responsible, Cherif and Said Kouachi.
Many people across the Muslim world held protests condemning the decision by French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” to print cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in its first edition since the attack.
The demonstrators later dispersed peacefully.
While Muslim leaders around the world have strongly condemned the attack, many said the decision to print a new cartoon of the Prophet (PBUH) was a provocation that would create a backlash.
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