Former minister of Somalia Gamal Hassan appointed as the director for the IGAD Centre of Excellence

Published: September 2, 2022
Gamal Hassan

According to official government sources, Amb. Gamal Hassan, former Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development has been appointed as the director for the IGAD Centre of Excellence for Climate Adaptation and Environmental Protection based in Mogadishu.

The government supported and give no objection to the appointment and pledged to work with him very closely.

Before joining the Government, he served as a Senior Political Advisor to the United States Special Representative for Somalia (SRS) on political affairs and related democracy, governance, and human rights issues.

He was previously a senior official at the U.S diplomatic mission in Nairobi, Kenya. On April 2015, Hassan was appointed as the new Ambassador of Somalia to Kenya.

He has also worked for the Government of Canada, Carleton University in Ottawa, and Canadem in Ukraine, and studied at Carleton and MOI Universities and obtained BA in Political Science and MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy respectively.

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