Somalia: Human Rights Training Was Conducted In Bosaso

Published: February 9, 2011

Puntland Human Rights Association (PHRA) conducted in three days human rights training in Hotel Munno of Bosaso and the training is funded by Oxfam Novib agency, executive director of PHRA organization, Mr. Abdihakim Said baajuun outlined the objectives of the trainings. Director of planning unit of Bosaso Municipality, Mr. Awil Mohamed Ali has opened the workshop and recommended the participants to receive the knowledge of the training and become human rights activities. 
The training aimed at strengthening and improving the capacity of civil society organisations to address human rights violation issues. Some of the topics that will be covered include, basic human rights, internal displaced persons, causes of internal displacement and refugees, challenges facing the internal displaced persons, human rights violations in Bosasso IDP settlements, IDPs access to legal services, who is responsible for the IDPs protection, domestic violence, rights of women and children in IDPs camps, responsibilities of host and IDPs communities in Bosasso and their relationship.
32  youth will achieve the training, 19 males and 13 females , youth are particularly targeted due to the fact that they are more aware of challenges facing them having lost two decades of no education and subjected to all forms of deprivations. This has made them more vocal and proactive as defenders of human rights than their elders  who are more or less just gate keepers and unyielding to change.  Thirty participants are expected to attend the training. We expect at least 11 women and nineteen men to attend.
The training is part of the 16 days of activism that started on 25th November and culminate on 10th December 2010 are observed yearly all over the world when human rights activists have an opportunity to advocate and do awareness on pertinent human rights issues.
Puntland human rights association (PHRA), is private, independent, non-profit making and non-partisan human rights monitoring and advocacy organization. Founded on December, 17, 2006 by concerned human rights groups. The PHRA has offices in Bosaso and Qardho towns.
For more information you can contact as Email:
Abdihakim Said baajuun
Executive director of Puntland human rights Association-PHRA

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