Kenya Heightens Security Following Terror Threat Warning From Embassies

Published: January 28, 2022

Kenya has heightened security following terror threat warnings issued by various embassies in the capital Nairobi.

Warnings that terrorists are planning attacks on key installations, malls or places frequented by Western nationals was first issued by the embassies of France, Germany and the Netherlands.

“Regarding the terror alert from France, we assure the public that security of Kenyans including critical infrastructure is beefed up around the country especially cities,” said Bruno Shioso, National Police Spokesman.

“We urge Kenyans to remain calm and also share any information on suspicious activities with the police.”

France described the threat as a “real risk”, warning its nationals and Kenyans at large to exercise caution.

“There is a persistence of serious threats against Western nationals in Kenya. There is a real risk targeting public places frequented by foreign nationals (restaurants, hotels, leisure venues, shopping malls, etc.), particularly in Nairobi,” read a notice published by the country Foreign Office on Thursday.

The French embassy in Nairobi emphasized on the need for people in areas presumed as targets to be on high alert.

“Therefore, people in Kenya are advised to exercise extreme vigilance and avoid frequenting these public places in the coming days, including this weekend,” it added.

Though the embassy did not specify the terrorist organization, Kenya has suffered a brunt of attacks from Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group Al-Shabaab.

The Somalia-based terror outfit has staged a series of attacks on Kenyan soil since the country launched a military offensive against them in 2011 in an intervention dubbed “Operation Linda Nchi”.

Kenyan troops deployed in Somalia work alongside other forces from other countries including Uganda, Burundi and Djibouti under the African Union’s AMISOM coalition.

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