A meeting Concerning Human Rights Held in Bosaso

Published: December 3, 2010

One day advocacy forum was conducted in Bosaso, where civil society organizations, local authority, religious and community leaders met.
The meeting started with praying and after that director of department of social affairs of Bosaso local Municipality opened the meeting, Ahmed Said.the Executive director of Puntland Human Rights Association (PHRA), presented the objectives of the meeting and the important to have such meeting.
The objectives of the forum were
1.To bring together the different stakeholders working human rights
2.To produce soft declaration against the human rights violations in Bari region of Puntland
3.To strength the capacity of civil society organizations
4.Enhance the dialogue between CSOs and local authority for effective protection of human rights
The meeting was held in Amal plaza conference hall, where 35 persons participated.

During the forum the participants issued soft declaration and sent to Puntland government, declaration is about the human rights violations mainly child right violations  in Bosaso.
The participant presented the violation reports about the children in the 2010, it was reported that 50 child abuses have occurred in the 2010, most of these cases were rapes, child labor, child recruiting and child trafficking. There are many street children in Bosaso who have been neglect; all these issues were addressed during the meeting. 
The forum funded by Oxfam Novib and implemented by Puntland Human Rights Association.
Also Bari civil society organizations contributed their ideas to the meeting such as PSA, BCPN, TASS, WAWA, SSWF and PHR.
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