President Office passes No-confidence motion to the Parliament – Somalia MPs

Published: November 5, 2014
Somalia President and Parliament Speaker
Somalia President and Parliament Speaker

Members of the Somalia Federal Parliament have confirmed to the media that the office of the country’s president has tabled a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.

The new bid launched by the President’s allies comes as dispute between the country’s leaders grows and is seen as a blow to efforts to stabilise the country.

‘’ President’s close allies are meeting parliamentarians and asking them to give support for the no-confidence motion, they are paying whoever accepts their campaign,’’ said a member of the Parliament who declined to be named for security reasons.

Several legislators were gunned down in the capital after giving out such information.

A number of MPs welcomed a recent statement from the UN envoy to the country, who had said that he heard news of Parliament members asked to exchange their votes for cash.

‘’ Personally I saw some of the members promised to be given an amount of money if they are willing to support the no-confidence motion which is totally breaching the law and order,’’ said MP Abtidoon.

The office of Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud was not available to comment.

Last year, the Somalia parliament similarly ousted former Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdoon after he clashed with the President on sacking president’s allies from the cabinet.

International community remains concerned on the growing political infighting between Somali government leaders which they regard as a hindrance to the 2016 targets.

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