Somali-Ethiopian forces and Al-shabaab once again clash in Bakool region

Published: July 29, 2022

Reports from the Bakool region (South-West Somalia) this morning say that there was a fierce battle between the forces of the Somali regional government of Ethiopia and Al-Shabaab.

Alshabaab oo weeray Dowlad degaanka

The battle came after Al-Shabaab fighters launched a mortar attack in the town of Aato close to the border with Ethiopia.

This conflict has affected all communication and business according to the people living in the area.

Last week, al-Shabaab militias have attacked villages in the Somali region of Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian army has been conducting operations on the border between Somalia and Ethiopia for the past few days.

Ethiopian forces are part of the African Union forces operating in Somalia, these forces operate in the central and southern regions with their main base in the city of Baidowa, the capital of the southwest administration.

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