Somali forces destroy Al Shabab base in Lower-Jubba

Published: July 29, 2022

The DANAB commandos and the Jubbaland security and intelligence forces have carried out a joint operation in the village of Kamjaroon and the surrounding areas in the Lower Jubba region.

Ciidanka DANAB & kuwa Jubbaland oo howlgal wadajir ah fuliyay

This operation, which was planned and carried out jointly by the army, destroyed the Al-Shabaab base and prison in the village of Kamjaroon and nearby areas such as; Kalil, Dhalajo, Rebaay and Yaakhloul.

The army has also succeeded in freeing the people who were imprisoned by Al Shabaab in Kamjaroon, and the army said that they have completely taken control of the area.

Officials of the Jubbaland forces who were part of the operation told the media that they will continue the operation until Al-Shabab militants are removed from Jubbaland.

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