Somali King Burhan Mussa inaugurated [In pictures]

Published: May 25, 2014

On Sunday, Boqor Burhan Boqor Musa has been sworn in as the king of the Somali Daarood Kingdom. The inauguration ceremony was held in the ancient city of Gardo, Puntland State of Somalia. It was attended by all major Somali Traditional leaders, Government officials and dignitaries from Yemen, Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt.

King Burhan became the 34th King of Daarood Kingdom one of the largest clans in the Horn of Africa and Somalia. Traditional leaders from Ethiopia, Kenya, South-central Somalia, Jubbaland and Somaliland delivered speeches at the historic ceremony, some of the delegates were flown in from Mogadishu, Kismayo and Nairobi.

The President and Vice President of Puntland were among the attendees; four former prime ministers of Somalia were also present at the inauguration.

In his speech King Burhan called peace for all Somalis living inside the country and abroad, he condemned the latest terror attacks in Mogadishu and Djibouti. The King called for all Somalis to unity in spirit of brotherhood. “…What all Somalis need at this moment is “Peace” So I ask Allah Almighty to help us and give us peace …”said the new Somali king.

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