Somali media advances national agenda on security and stabilization, Information Minister says

Published: May 19, 2014
Minister of Information Mustaf Duhulow
Minister of Information Mustaf Duhulow

Minister of Information H.E. Mustaf Duhulow today presents the ministry progress to The Somali Prime Minister H.E. Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed as part of the national media development policy that the ministry is been leading. Minister and team of advisors briefed the Prime Minister on the progress made towards finalizing the media law, government communication coordination progress, developing comprehensive communication strategy and some new initiatives of national public awareness campaign on extremism, stabilization, good-governance and rule of law. Also, the minister pointed out the importance of re-organizing the National Music Band ‘Waberi’ to play key role in the public awareness campaign.

“I am very pleased and honored to welcome you to the ministry, and I am sure you have seen the dedication and the commitment of our staff; without them we would not have made significant progress presented today, covering for last four months. We are in the final stage of the media law review draft and we will soon forward to the cabinet for approval. We have done series of consultation with all key stakeholders including private media, civil society and its international standard. As part of the media law we are working for the establishment of Somali public broadcasting services,” H.E. Mustaf said.

The minister stressed the importance of public awareness addressing key social and economic issues, which include extremism, piracy, good governance and rule of law as the country is preparing national elections by 2016.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the central role of the Ministry of Information and assured H.E. Duhulow and his team for closer working relationship.

“This visit is part of my effort to fashion closer working relationship with all ministries, and I will continue to work with you in advancing the media development and to execute effective national public awareness campaigns.” He also, stressed the key role of the Ministry of Information in dealing with public perception and to further the government policies and programs toward security, stabilization, review of the constitution and the implementation of the federal system, in order to insure 2016 elections are held successfully.

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