Somali Pirates to release Thai hostages without Condition

Published: February 15, 2014
MV Albedo
MV Albedo

A pirate leader has pledged the release of four Thai hostages which have been held  for three years.

The hostages were part of the MV Albedo crew, a Malaysian-flagged container ship which was hijacked by the pirates in November 2010 when adrift. Last year, the vessel sunk in a rough sea whilst still in pirate hands.

The Pirate gang who named himself Abdi Hassan said they would release soon the hostages without any payment or Ransom. But he declined to give out further details on their current situation.

‘’ We will release them so soon, so that they can reunite with their families. We cannot take care of their lives any more. we are running out of capital,’’ said the Pirate gang.

The Government of Thailand had refused to negotiate with the pirates on release of its nationalities while the owner of the Ship went disappearing after the ship sunk.

Relatives of the hostages last year wrote an open letter to the pirates in which they requested to release them without any condition. The relatives said they can’t afford to pay the amount of money demanded by the pirates.

The hostages are believed to be held captive in Harardhere town, a pirate base in north-central Somalia.

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