Somali Prime Minister Took the Oath of Office

Published: November 1, 2010

In a well presented swearing-in ceremony, the new Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed – who won the vote of confidence of Parliament yesterday – took the oath of office this morning in front of President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Members of parliament and other dignitaries.
The Speaker of parliament administered the oath and “called on MPs to support new Prime Minister and work with his government.”
President Sharif thanked the former government and reiterated his call for, “ending corruption and the formation of small and effective Council of Minister that should tackle head- on the security challenges of the country.”
The outgoing caretaker Prime Minister, Abduwahid Elmi Omar, entreated the entire Transitional Federal Institutions to work with the new Prime Minister and his team since, “they have short mandate and need our full and firm cooperation.”
Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed pledged that, “he will soon form a government that will make its priority security, serving the people and completing the transitional tasks outlined in the charter.” The Prime Minister asked all to assist him “in the monumental and time sensitive task” entrusted on him.
The Somali Police band played the national anthem and renowned Somali poets recited nationalistic poems that captivated the audience.
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