Somali Prime Minister Visited Bulo-burde and Jowhar Towns

Published: April 11, 2014

The Prime Minister visited Bulo Burde and Jowhar

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed along with Council Ministers, the Ambassador of Djibouti and officials from the Somali National Army, visited Jowhar and Bulo Burde to honor both districts recent liberation.The Prime Minister began his visit with Bulo Burde district which is one of the recently freed towns by the Somali National Army in a joint operation with AMISOM against Al-shabaab Militia Group. The Prime Minister thanked the Somali National Army and AMISOM for their bravery in eradicating Al-shabaab from the town. He sent his condolences to the families and relatives of those innocent lives lost in the deplorable Hotel explosion. The Prime Minister also touched on the strategic importance of Bulo Burde politically and economically to the nation.

Traditional elders of Bulo Burde have stated that they lived under pressure, torture and oppression for the last six years and regained their freedom on the twelfth of last month. The elders have requested the government to bring back basic services such as education, health and the establishment of a police force. The security sector of their region must be prioritized. The Minister of National Security, Abdikarim Hussein Guleed, promised the renovation of police stations as well as the CID.

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, said:

“I am very pleased this morning that Bulo Burde has become the first district I’ve visited outside Mogadishu. Once again, I would like to send my deepest heartfelt condolences to the families and relatives who have lost loved ones at the hands of cowards who committed heinous acts of terrorism”

“Al-shabaab is a national destructive force who have brainwashed the youth to follow their incorrect ideology. They have an agenda that goes against Somalia and the Somali people. Al-shabaab has denied our nation a chance to grow, for our people to develop and escape poverty. We must urge the people of Bulo Burde to lead in the elimination of Al-shabaab from their hideouts in the region. Henceforth, Bulo Burde will receive government services”

The Prime Minister also visited Jowhar in the Middle Shabelle district. He was greeted with overwhelming support by local residents led by the provincial administration. He also met with traditional elders, assembly of women, provincial administration and the youth of Jowhar.

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, said:

“The government has and will continue fighting by your side. I have arrived today to express my joy and gratitude with you in regards to your liberation. There have been many Ministers including the Minister of Agriculture, who have arrived and shown their support. The Minister of Agriculture has presided over renovating the watering farm canals and we must work together as a people and a government in rebuilding those canals.”

“Any member of the Council of Ministers will come to Jowhar and must make it a national duty to perform community service development. The ministries will be judged based on their engagement and work with the community. My government will not be limited to Mogadishu alone and I will ensure every region has access to basic services”

The Prime Minister affirmed that members of the Council of Ministers will come to Jowhar. The Ministries will be judged based on their engagement and work within the community. He also emphasized that his government will reach throughout the regions and aide them. Furthermore, the Prime Minister informed the people of Jowhar that this visit will not be his last one. He stated that he will return in order to consult with the people and assist them towards development.

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