Somalia: 9 Convicted Somali Pirates Transferred to Puntland

Published: March 27, 2014
The 9 Convicted Somali pirates
The 9 Convicted Somali pirates transferred back to home

A group of 9 Somali Pirates have been repatriated back to Puntland, to serve out the remainder of their sentences in Garowe Prison, the state’s capital.

Puntland Officials received the Convicted Somali pirates on Thursday after a plane carrying them which departed from Seychelles landed in Garowe airport.

The nine men were sentenced in between 7 to 24 years by Seychelles courts, after charged with Piracy cases.

Speaking to Journalists, Puntland Custodian corps Chief Ali Nur said that the men will be treated well as they finish their sentences.

The programme to repatriate the Somali pirates in Seychelles prison was made possible by extensive diplomatic efforts among the Seychelles government and Puntland authorities.

Over Twenty-five prisoners have already been repatriated back to Puntland to serve the remainder of their sentences.

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