SOMALIA: An Agreement Jointly Signed by Puntland and Galmudug

Published: February 19, 2011

Right: Abdisamad Ali Shire Vice President Puntland, Dr.Farole Puntland President and Abdisamad Nur Guled Vice President Galmudug

February 17, 2011
A delegation from the Galmudug Administration arrived in the Puntland capital city of Garowe on 15 February 2011. The delegation engaged in a meeting with Puntland Government officials and the objective of this meeting was to discuss how Puntland and Galmudug could have neighborly cooperation and jointly prevent threats to Somalia in general, and particularly to regions under their control.
Discussions regarding cooperation between the two entities were attended by higher officials from Puntland and Galmudug and the discussion centered around three key points:
1- Finding solution to the Somali crises

  • a. How the two parties can jointly take a clear position in Somali affairs?
  • b. Issues surrounding the term-extension of the TFG Parliament and Government.
  • c. How a National Reconciliation Conference could be held and where?

2. Security issuesa. Cooperation on land and at sea.

  • a. Cooperation on land and at sea.
  • b. Reinforcing security cooperation.
  • c. Establishing working relations between the two administrations.

3. Multi-sided cooperationa.

  • a- Cooperation in economic and trade relations.
  • b- Cooperation in social affairs (education, sports and health).
  • c-  Cooperation in managing IDPs and drought response.

After officials from the two sides discussed point-by-point the above-mentioned agenda, they have reached the following agreement:
Article 1
Finding solution to the Somali crises
As the Somali situation is currently at a dangerous point, Puntland and Galmudug have agreed:

  1. The unity of Somalia is necessary and can be achieved only through a federal government structure.
  2. The term-extension by the TFG Parliament is not in favor of the Somali people at this point intime, thereby disappointing the Somali people and the international community.
  3. We uphold that the solution to the Somali crises lies in holding a National Conference which would lay the foundation for the establishment of an all-inclusive Somali Government, and to hold such a conference at an appropriate location inside the country.
  4. The National Conference must be convened and completed during the remaining months of the TFG mandate, which ends 20 August 2011.
  5. To form an Organizing Committee for the National Conference, consisting of representatives from TFG, Puntland, Galmudug, Somaliland, Ahlu Sunna, and other local administrations and representatives from territories without an established administration.
  6. In order to achieve inclusive participation for the National Conference, the Galmudug Regional Administration has availed itself to mediate between TFG and Puntland Government.

Article 2
General Security

  1. To fight jointly against any group or individual terrorist coming towards jurisdictions under Puntland and Galmudug control.
  2. In any terrorist act committed inside Puntland and Galmudug, the two parties will have cooperation in terms political, intelligence and other support.
  3. To extradite all criminals who commit killings and property robbery and escape from one administration to another.
  4. To fight jointly and eradicate piracy from regions administered by Puntland and Galmudug.

Establishing two Committees:

  • a) The High Committee for Security and Cooperation, with 10 members equally appointed by the administrations, which will hold regular meetings once every 3 months, unless there is an emergency meeting.
  • b) The Region-level Executive Committee, with 14 members equally appointed by the administrations. This Committee can have sub-committees to ease the tasks.
  • c) The members of the two committees will be named within 2 weeks, starting from the day this agreement is signed.

The Committees shall hold regular meetings on a rotational basis between the two administrations.
The duties of the High Committee for Security and Cooperation:

  1. Supervising and guiding regional-level committee tasks.
  2. Finding solution for the chronic conflicts that have paralyzed the stability and development of the people of Mudug Region.

The duties of the Region-level Executive Committee

  1. Establishing working relationship in the region’s security affairs.
  2. Information-sharing and communication flow at region-level.
  3. Designing a plan for security affairs at region-level.
  4. Benefiting from water and pasture resources in a peaceful manner.
  5. Establishing a regular working relationship between the two security forces at region-level.
  6. Establishing a Joint Security Force that prevents terrorist acts and unrest when need arises.
  7. Regularly informing and consulting with the High Committee for Security and Cooperation.

Article 3
Multi-sided Relations

  1. To cooperate in all matters related to security, economy, politics as well as social issues.
  2. The parties issued an international appeal regarding the drought in Somalia and requested from the United Nations and the international community the delivery of emergency humanitarian aid to the regions affected by the severe drought.
  3. The parties agreed to host the IDPs who are fleeing from the regions paralyzed by continuous armed conflict.Implementation of AgreementThis Agreement will be implemented upon the signature of the two administrations.

The names of Puntland and Galmudug officials Puntland Government

  1. Gen. Abdisamad Ali Shire, Vice President of Puntland
  2. Gen. Yusuf Ahmed Kheyr, Security Minister
  3. Asha Ghelle Diriye, Women and Family Affairs Minister
  4. Abdiweli Hersi Abdulle, Labor, Youth and Sports Minister
  5. Dr. Abdi Hassan Jimale, State Minister for Democratization & Federal Affairs
  6. Ali Yusuf Ali-Hosh, Internal Affairs Deputy Minister
  7. Burhan Elmi Hersi, Environment, Wildlife and Tourism Deputy Minister

Namers of Galmudug Officials

  1. Abdisamad Nur Guled, Vice President of Galmudug
  2. Hassan Farah Barre, Reconciliation and Federal Affairs Minister
  3. Abdullahi Jama Dhore, Finance Minister
  4. Gen. Abdi Hassan Awale (Qeybdiid)
  5. Ali Hashi Dhore

The official signature of the Agreement between Puntland and Galmudug
Gen. Abdisamad Ali ShireVice President Puntland
Abdisamad Nur GuledVice President Galmudug

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