Somalia: al-Shabab calls for more attacks in Europe

Published: January 21, 2015

Somalia: al-Shabab calls for more attacks in EuropeSomalia militant group al-Shabaab has called for more attacks in Europe, following the Charlie Hebdo magazine attack that left 17 people dead two weeks ago in Paris.
A Press statement from the group released on Wednesday urged its supporters in Europe to stage ‘’jihadi attacks’’ across the continent and warned the French government over insults to Islamic sanctity.
Al-Shabab, who has links with al-Qaeda has lost control of several towns in the past year to the Somali forces and African Union peacekeepers, but still controls large swathes of territory in rural areas.
The latest statement from the group came while thousands of Somalis protested against the printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed by the French satirical magazine.
Many people across the Muslim world held protests condemning the decision by French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” to print cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in its first edition since the attack.
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