Somalia: al-Shabab planning Ramadan attacks, Security officials say

Published: May 31, 2014

Somalia: al-Shabab planning Ramadan attacks, Security officials sayWith only month left for the Holy Islamic month of Ramadan, Somalia intelligence and security officers have warned of fresh terror threats from al-Shabab extremists during the month.

Somalia’s Intelligence and Security agency Chief  General Bashir Gobe has said that they have received intelligence reports that the al-Qaeda-linked militant group plan to hit their targets in Mogadishu, the capital during the holy month of Ramadan.

“We found out through our intelligence sources about these plots, and so we will the necessary actions to make them fail,” he said.

He added that the security forces are on high alert to repel attacks and called for the Mogadishu residents to report any threats.

It’s not the first time al-Shabab has launched attacks during Ramadan, but in 2010 it carried deadly attacks on the Somali government and African Union troops, yet hundreds of civilians died during the confrontations between both parties.

Ramadan is a period of fasting and religious reflection. Al-Shabab militants have chosen the period to carry out attacks against their enemies during the holy month.

Security has been intensified in government installations and International organizations offices in the capital, after recent attacks.

Last week, armed militants attacked the country’s parliament building and earlier this year they also waged an assault on the Presidential palace, in an attempt to capture the President alive, as claimed by its officials.

Somali government officials said the ultimate goal of the militants was to destabilize the security of the capital, which is recovering from over two decades of war and mass destruction.

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