SOMALIA: AMISOM Spokesman Rejects Hiiran Online Claims

Published: February 18, 2011

Our attention has been drawn to an unfounded report on Hiiran Online by one Mohamed Haaji Hussein alleging that the AMISOM Force Spokesman, Major Ba-Hoku Barigye, today criticized the Transitional Federal Government, accusing it of being weak, lacking cohesion and letting its soldiers violate citizen’s rights with impunity.
AMISOM would like to clarify that Major Barigye has not spoken today to Mr. Hussein, or indeed any other person from Hiiran Online. At no time has either Major Barigye, or any other AMISOM official, expressed the views attributed to him by Mr. Hussein.
Major Barigye categorically rejects such allegations and demands an immediate retraction of the story and apology from both Hiiran Online and Mr. Hussein.
Source: AMISOM Force Spokesman

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