Somalia: Anti al-Shabaab Campaigner killed in Mogadishu Roadside Bomb

Published: May 3, 2014
Somalia: Anti al-Shabaab Campaigner killed in Mogadishu Roadside Bomb
Somali soldiers stand at the scene of an explosion in the capital Mogadishu May 3, 2014. REUTERS/Omar Faruk

A roadside bomb exploded in a busy Conjunction in the Somali Capital on Saturday, killing at least six people and wounding more than seven others, officials confirm.

The bomb was targeted former Somali government official convoy, Abdi Kafi Hilowle, who famous for his campaign against al-Shabaab. Him and three of his  bodyguards died at the scene and two other civilians.

The blast also damaged several buildings, including commercial ones around the area.

Al-Qaeda-linked militant group immediately claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Abdikafi Hilowle
Abdi kafi Hilowle

The security forces immediately cordoned off the area after the blast, but its not clear whether they arrested anyone for the attack.

Earlier on Saturday, a member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia survived an assassination after a bomb was planted in his car but was foiled by the security forces in Hamar weyne district.

On Thursday night, mortar shells landed in Wadajir neighborhood killing at least four civilians after missing target which is thought to be an AMISOM base close to the area.

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