Somalia: Ban on Political meetings in Puntland Capital

Published: April 22, 2014
Somalia: Ban on Political meetings in Puntland Capital
Nugal Governor Abdikani Hashi

Authorities in Puntland have banned political meetings being held in the state’s capital of Garowe, without obtaining permission from the government.

The Governor of Nugal region, Abdikani Hashi Ali issued the new ban on Tuesday and told Journalists that the ban shall be applied indefinitely in order “to ensure peace and avoid inconvenience to the public”.

“We have decided that no political meeting should be held without first obtaining permission from the relevant authorities… we don’t want meetings which their aims are to disrupt our peace,’’ said the Governor.

The decision comes after a former member of the Somali Parliament Dahir Irro was arrested by the police in Garowe. Officials declined to give reasons behind his arrest.

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