Somalia: Dozens of Somali refugees in Denmark fear deportation

Published: July 20, 2015

Somalia: Dozens of Somali refugees in Denmark fear deportationDozens of Somali refugees in Denmark fear they could soon be forcibly deported from the European country.
Some of the asylum seekers who have speaking to local media outlets have raised their concerns over the deportation program of the Danish government.
One man insisted that it was not the right time for them being deported and protested in front of the Danish Parliament, demanding for postponement to the deportation plans.
‘’We came here to live peacefully and in a search of a better life than the one we had in our country,’’ said Abdi Ali.
Somalia government clearly refused to receive refugees who have been forcibly deported.
Human rights and advocacy groups have voiced their concerns on deportation of Somalis seeking for asylum, saying that it represents a clear violation of international refugee conventions.
The United Nations high commissioner for refugees has continuously said that many parts of the war-ravaged country remains unsafe due to threats from the militant group and human rights violation such as rape.
Across Europe, tens of thousands of Somalis are in legal limbo, waiting to have asylum claims processed, or under threat of return to the war-torn nation t if their applications have been rejected.
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