Somalia: Dutch minister for development cooperation visit war-torn Mogadishu

Published: September 1, 2011

Press Release:

Sharif Sh. Ahmed met with the Dutch minister for development cooperation Ben Knapen and his delegates at his office in Villa Somalia today. President Sharif and the minister discussed many issues ranging from current humanitarian situation, coordination of relief aid, security and development, the terrorist group Al-shabab and implementing the road map.
The President emphasized the importance of development along side security improvement “where there is security improvement we must provide vital services such as electricity, water, re-establishing schools, hospitals and rebuilding roads and other important infrastructures” said the President.
The President also informed Mr. Knapen that in order to avoid future famines in Somalia one must focus on establishing strong and viable Somali government that can provide and protect its citizens.
The Somali Prime Minister Dr. Abdiwali Mohamed Ali who alongside the Foreign Minister and minister of Planning and international cooperation attended the meeting made this remarks while explaining the road map “with regards to the implementation of the road map the Somali government has taken huge steps in terms of security, liberating not only Mogadishu but large areas of the border regions from Al-Shabab. Also as part of the peace reconciliation both I and the President recently visited Puntland admit improving relationship, but while the Somali government is committed to the implementation of the road map our capacity is limited and the international community has failed to support us in terms of providing logistic and financial support.
The Minister of Planning and International cooperation Abdulahi Goodah Barre Dutch Minister for development cooperation Ben Knapen held a press conference at Villa Somalia.
Suldan A. Farahseed
Communication Office
Office of the Presidency

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