SOMALIA: Failed Al Shabaab attack proves Ramadan terror threat

Published: August 21, 2010

Press Release
An estimated eleven Alshabab members died in the last 24 hours in Mogadishu in two separate incidences while planning to carry out attacks during the holy month of Ramadan.
At least ten were killed as they were preparing a car bomb in a house near Shirkole, north of Mogadishu. Security sources told Radio Mogadishu that seven of them were foreigners. They are 3 Pakistanis, 2 Indians, 1 Afghani, 1 Algerian, and two Somalis including a leader who was in charge of praying for suicide bombers before they are dispatched.
Later a young man was killed as he planted a roadside bomb on Ansaloti Bridge, a key bridge in Mogadishu. The police have arrested two people who were suspected of guarding the deceased as he planted the bomb. They also confiscated two bags full of bomb materials and other equipment used for digging the hole.

Minister of Interior, Abdikadir Ali Omar, said:“This is clear evidence that Alshabaab are planning death and destruction during this holiest of months, Ramadan. Only luck has prevented the deaths of many innocent citizens of Mogadishu. “Terrorizing people at this time is contrary to everything we believe, and I urge everyone in this city to be vigilant and to help prevent further atrocities.”

It is not the first time that members from Alshabab died while planting roadside bombs or planning suicide bombings. Once again this shows the lack of respect for the lives of innocent Somalis and fellow Muslims.
Roadside and suicide bombing are acts which have been imported by foreign criminals fighting alongside Alshabab. Bombs of this kind have claimed the lives of many innocent Somalis including women and children, ministers, doctors, professors, students and ordinary Somalis.
Ministry of Information, Mogadishu

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