Somalia: Five Dead in Somali Pirates fight Over Ransom

Published: September 25, 2014

gal1-348x220A group of Somali pirates exchanged heavy gunfire on Thursday over a ransom they received for releasing an American Journalist, Residents have confirmed.

The clash took place in the Southern part of Galkaio town, North-central of Somalia, controlled by local Administration of Galmudug.

At least three pirates were killed during the clash, including a prominent pirate kingpin. Several other civilians were injured during the gun battle.

‘’There was a heavy exchange of gunfire between them (pirates). They fought over a ransom they received for releasing the American Journalist,” said one of the residents.

Journalist Michael Scott Moore was released days ago after the pirates were paid a ransom of about $1.5 million. He was held in captive for almost three years by pirates who hail from Galmudug.

It’s not the first time Somali Pirates have argued and clashed over ransoms they have received.

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