SOMALIA: Foreign minister sacked over Ethiopia conflict stance

Published: November 20, 2020

Somalia’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad has been sacked hours after the government issued contradictory messages on the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region.

A directive issued by the office of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble announced Awad’s replacement, Mohamed Abdirisaq Mohamud.

The directive was read to the media by the Minister of Information, Culture and Federalism, Osman Abukar Dubbe.

On Wednesday, the foreign ministry issued a statement declaring support for the Ethiopia’s unity and sovereignty even as it called on both sides in the conflict to de-escalate tensions.

This was not surprising, considering that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed cultivated close relations with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Hours later, Minister Awad contradicted the statement, saying on his own personal Twitter handle that the said statement did not represent the Somali government’s stance on the matter.

His sacking is believed to be linked to this incident.

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