Somalia: Government spokesman denied that their soldiers fought in Tigray, Ethiopia

Published: July 20, 2022
Afhayeenka madaxtooyada Soomaaliya Cabdikariim Cali Kaar

Somalia will soon bring home 5,000 boys sent to train in Eritrea as soldiers, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Initial reports of the disappearance of thousands of soldiers sparked demonstrations in the Somali capital Mogadishu and several other cities in January 2021.

Last week, newly elected President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with the soldiers in Eritrea.

However, there are no details on how many men have been sent to Eritrea. His predecessor also refused to answer questions on this issue.

The spokesman, Abdikarim Ali Kar, told reporters “they are 5,000 soldiers who were missing and have now been found.

The previous government didn’t communicate with the people about the soldiers sent to Eritrea, and many rumors were spread. The process of bringing them home is now underway.”

He denied reports that the men were being held against their will in Eritrea, although their families said since their recruitment they were no longer able to contact family members.

Eritrea is often described as the “North Korea of Africa” because of the oppression, forced labor and strict surveillance of its citizens.

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