Somalia: Gunmen Open Fire At Galkayo Coffee shop, Wounding Three Civilians

Published: February 26, 2014

Unknown gunmen opened fire at a Coffee shop in Galkacyo, north central Somalia on Tuesday night, leaving three people wounded.

According to witnesses, three gunmen opened fire at the shop located in Garsoor residence, Northern part of Galkayo which is administered by Puntland authorities and ran away.

It’s unclear what motivated this attack. But in the past years Galkayo has seen a series of assassinations and bomb attacks which some of them was claimed by the Islamist militant group.

Officials confirmed the gunmen escaped to the Southern neighborhood of the City which is controlled by Gal-mudug administration.

Galkayo mayor, Ahmed Ali Salad, told the media that Gal-mudug authorities managed to arrest the gunmen and are currently in a custody. He added one of the gunmen was injured while he was escaping after opening the fire.

Puntland has several times alleged Gal-mudug of providing ‘’safe havens’’ for assailants who carry out attacks in the Northern axis.

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