SOMALIA: Helping Somalia recover: Commission to invest extra €175 million

Published: August 10, 2011

Andris Piebalgs, EU Commissioner for Development announced the decision to step up Europe’s long-term commitment to Somalia with an extra €175 million in development assistance. The funds will flow into Somaliland, Puntland and other regions where viable security conditions and minimum levels of governance have already been established, as well as in Central Somalia, where stability is improving and the conditions allow for development assistance to make a difference.
Commissioner Piebalgs, who travelled to Somaliland less than a month ago, reiterated his conviction that development assistance can provide sustainable solutions because it tackles the root causes of protracted crisis. The Commissioner said: “Somalia is going through a severe humanitarian crisis. Drought is the immediate reason for this, but the root causes lie in the deeper structural problems of this fragile state. With this new funding we will contribute to strengthening institutions and will invest in better infrastructure, food security and education. We trust that our long-lasting commitment will help Somalia move toward inclusive and sustainable economic development and stability. Its long-suffering people deserve no less.”
The new aid package adds up to the ongoing five-year support envelope for Somalia of €212 million (between 2008 and 2013); bringing to €387 million the total allocation for the country under 10th European Development Fund.
Source: European Commission

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