SOMALIA: JAR Calls for Punt land Authorities to release Mr.Abdifatah Jama

Published: August 21, 2010

JAR Calls for Punt land  Authorities to  release Mr.Abdifatah Jama, whom was jailed for six years in prison  with out possible Legal judgment & fined 500$ cash.
UN, Human rights activists & Honor democratization communities should give considerations to Somalia surviving Media says Jar’s President, Moha Farah….
Its sad always when you look at African Media ,and recognize the situations they are going through, naturally, if it’s the salary, the life insecurities, but some times you do wonder when So called dictator ruling system abuses again & uses their power to put them in jail, which media have no way out, particularly Somalia, whom the government is powerless and media have no connections through the world wide, , I call the UN, Human rights watch and other concerning communities to look down to the  media professionals who are just struggling to live peacefully & practice their skills, but facing un necessary troubles always.
Now Journalists for African Renaissance, (JAR) calls for President farole of Punt land Authority to, consider kindly freedom of expression, rights of personal existence &acts it was just this week while the government arrested Horsed FM deputy director, with out allowing him to defend him self from the accusations government pointed out in he violated  anti -terror Law, while reliable sources on the ground confirmed to JAR, in Abdifah Jama was not given to any chance to defend him self or to hire a loyar,which shows in the government it self is terrorising innocent proffesionals , such cases can create a bigger problem to us, {professionally} says the president of JAR, Moha Farah Jire who is now in  Nairobi , & condemned the arrest of this an innocent journalist,Abdifah Jama,  she mentioned clearly their regardles help to any bothered proffesional who is already in a possition of a Media, whom i know they are fighters of their people and country,in the situation they are happily reporting,Moha concludes her statement .
its not the first time JAR asks release of an innocent journalist  to Punt land government who seems now a threat to the freedom of media.
President of JAR
Moha Farah jirreh

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