Somalia: Meles holds talks with Somalia Parliamentary Speaker

Published: April 9, 2010

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi held talks here on Thursday with Speaker of Transitional Federal Government Parliamentary, Sheikh Adem Mohammed Nur.
The talks focused on the current situation in Somalia, according to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affiars.
Meles on the occasion said Ethiopia will further strengthen efforts to maintain stability in Somalia as stability in that country significantly contributes to strengthen stability in Ethiopia and the surrounding areas.
Meles said Ethiopia will further intensify efforts through IGAD towards stability of Somalia.
Sheikh Adam Mohammed Nur on his part said the discussion with the premier focused on issues related to the current situation in Somalia.
The speaker called on the international community to further strengthen the necessary support to the TFG of Somalia
Sheikh Adam Mohammed Nur lauded Ethiopia’s contribution in the efforts to bring about peace and stability in Somalia.

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