Somalia: Mogadishu Car blast wounds intelligence officer

Published: July 5, 2015

Somalia: Mogadishu Car blast wounds Somali intelligence officerA Somali intelligence officer has been targeted with a bomb planted in his car in the Somali Capital, Mogadishu on Sunday, witnesses and officials said.
“A bomb placed in Colonel Abdiaziz Habib’s car exploded while he was driving and on his way to work,” said a security official, who refused to be named.
He said that police could not immediately know if the attack was carried out by al-Qaeda-linked militant group al-Shabaab, blamed for most of the increasingly common hit-and-run strikes targeting military personnel and officials.
Security has been intensified in government installations and International organizations offices in the capital since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, with government deploying thousands of security forces in and around the Somali capital.
The number of attacks carried out by al-Shabaab during Ramadan has massively decreased compared to the previous years.
Though al-Shabaab was pushed out of key towns in South and Central Somalia, the group has been able to hit high-profile targets in Mogadishu’s heavily fortified areas, including the national courts, the UN compound, the Turkish embassy, and popular gathering places.
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