Somalia: TFG And AMISOM Capture Key Ground In Mogadishu

Published: October 8, 2011

Paddy Ankunda Lt Colonel AMISOM Force Spokesman

National Somali Forces, supported by AMISOM, have this morning taken the critical high ground of Halima Haiti Hill in Karaan District, Mogadishu.
The early morning assault led to the capture of two al shabaab fighters with their weapons. One peacekeeper was injured and three TFG soldiers.
The Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab extremist group have remained in the North Eastern side of the city from where they continue to pose a security threat.
Earlier this week, the terror group attacked a gathering of students who had turned up at the Ministry of Education headquarters to register for a Turkish Scholarship program. Over thirty students were reportedly killed.
AMISOM Spokesman, Lt Colonel Paddy Ankunda, said:
“AMISOM remains committed to secure Mogadishu and its environs. However, all of us must remain vigilant and we encourage people to report anything suspicious spotted in our areas. This will make it difficult for the Al shabaab to launch their attacks without hindrance.”
Paddy Ankunda
Lt Colonel
AMISOM Force Spokesman

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