Somalia: One person killed in Puntland riots

Published: January 8, 2010

One person was killed and anothers were injured during a riot by hundreds of people in Puntland capital Garowe on Friday, according to the doctors at the general hospital.
The rioters were local residents, who were outraged about lack of support from the government, after a heavy fire destroyed several small business in Garowe.
The blaze erupted at a petrol station in the Waaberi area in Garowe city and spread quickly through the shops nearby.
Residents and business men rushed to contain the fire, but it took them hours to finally stop the blaze.
“….for hours we called for the help of the authorities, none came, we are upset because this is the capital of Puntland, and there are no fire firefighters here….” Says Mohamed, one of the people who helped extinguish the blaze.
Many residents were troubled that none of the local and regional authorities took the time to come and help them to stop the fire.
Hundreds of local residents staged a violent demonstration in Garowe to demand answers from the authorities.

Pictures: by Puntlandpost

The police tried to disperse the rioters by using live ammunition, the bullets struck at least two of the demonstrators, who were taken to the hospital. One man later died from his injuries.
The riots coincided as the authorities were busy with lavish ceremony at the Presidential palace in Garowe, this evening, to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the inauguration of President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, who was elected to office one year ago.
Abdirisak A Shino
Horseed Media

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