Somalia: Over 1000 Somali commandos complete military training in Mogadishu

Published: December 22, 2014
The soldiers completed a ten month training held in Mogadishu
The soldiers completed a ten month training held in Mogadishu

Over 1000 Somali commandos completed ten months of military training in the war-ravaged country capital, Mogadishu on Monday.

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud along with the country’s military and Police top officials attended the closing ceremony held in Jazeera camp whereby soldiers who completed the training were given certificate of honour.

The training was conducted by personnel from European Union countries under the European Union training mission (EUTM).

In his speech, President Mohamoud encouraged the newly trained soldiers to execute their duties and fight against the ‘’elements’’ threating the country’s security and stability.

Trainers say building a competent military is critical to Somalia’s future — and security in East Africa.

President Mohamoud handed to the newly trained soldier Certificates of honour
President Mohamoud handed to the newly trained soldiers Certificates of honour

Approximately 150 EU personnel coming from 14 EU countries oversee the training program in Mogadishu which was shifted from Uganda end of last year. Through the whole training process, EU instructors promote awareness on the laws of armed conflict, including the protection of civilians in armed conflict, human rights (including rights of the child) and gender issues with a view to reflecting those of European standards.

Ever since it plunged into chaos in the 1990s, Somalia has destabilised the region, serving as a hub for Islamic extremists and pirates who plunder some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

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